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Computer systems:  While InfoTelesys strives to make systems as simple as possible to use, computers are complex machines, which require a basic skill-set and level and comprehension to be able to use.  Your IT Set is infinitely configurable.  We do not limit you in your ability to add additional applications, programs or to customize your system.  With flexibility comes the ability to slow performance and even lockup your system.  Even the basic system without additional software or hardware can be impacted by users actions and lack of know-how.

InfoTelesys’ does not price the systems to include driving lessons or to fix any problems users may inadvertently cause.  Competent users are thus not penalized for costs incurred by those less experienced than themselves.

If you need a high-level of handholding, we recommend purchasing an iT Set from an InfoTelesys retailer.  While InfoTelesys Sales Associates are not responsible for direct support, many Sales Associates will assist their customers with basic functions, while your iT Set includes a user-manual and how-to videos which can assist in getting you started.

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