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The Establishment of The State of Peace

InfoTelesys' plans to convert Space Station Mir into the "State of Peace", a new country in space.  The constitution of the State of Peace will be written by you, the public, in an open public forum on the InfoTelesys site.

No land based government will be allowed to be involved with InfoTelesys' "State of Peace".  We, the people, will craft a Constitution for the State of Peace.  A Constitution that is " out of this world", founded on Integrity, Justice, the Right to Life, Freedom and the love of God.

Everyone around the world will be able to visit the State of Peace 24 hours of every day.

Physically, the State of Peace will be a conglomeration of distributed satellites integrated with the world's most massively scalar communications network.

InfoTelesys is offering the public shares in our Company to build our vision.   Like the Founder, some may choose to rather give,  than buy more stock.  If you believe in the establishment of a world outside of this world, where governments are restricted in taking what is not theirs, and you, (like the Founder), wish to give to the Operation, InfoTelesys would be honored to take your contribution and apply it as wisely as we have our own funds, to one of the many not-for-profit business we will establish.  Connect to the contribution page

Stay tuned as we open an on-line forum (sorry were pretty busy, but we will get there!)



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