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InfoTelesys Peace Around The World Plan

Office Space in Space
InfoTelesys needs "office space" in space for its next generation IT Sat™ data and communications centers.  Currently, there is not yet much real estate available in space.  InfoTelesys needs satellite space in space, regardless of our ability to acquire Mir or not.  Therefore, the three billion dollar Mir Space Station represents an ideal platform for InfoTelesys' GEO IT Sats™. 

Mir's modular architecture allows InfoTelesys to upgrade each of the six Mir modules into individual mega-capacity non-manned GEO IT Sats™.   The GEO IT Sats™ will be integrated into InfoTelesys' future Get IT Rostelesat-M satellite armada.

Mir would effectively become the center of The Next Internet™, a massively scalar network built by InfoTelesys, and called the IT-I2™ (InfoTelesys Internet 2) network.  IT-I2™ is already capable of accelerating network access speeds by more than two thousand times that of traditional Internet connections, with the option of reaching fifteen thousand times the performance of traditional Internet access.  This level of performance with InfoTelesys will change all communications, broadcast media, and operations, as we know them.

Beyond the incredible speed and unequaled global access of IT-I2™, InfoTelesys' IT Sats™ will make "virtual space real estate" available  for hire, allowing you to establish your own space enterprise.  Establishing your business outside of this world provides some significant tax and communications advantages.  Imagine having immediate access to all of the advantages of endless space, with zero bureaucracy (the gravity that pulls businesses and governments down).  Businesses that are virtually hosted on InfoTelesys' IT Sats™ will, however, be required to adhere to strict ethical standards, but without the bureaucracy and modeling of Earth's governments.

Mir: A Logical Solution for InfoTelesys
Mir is a large modular space station that has the capacity to house InfoTelesys' digital space centers.

Mir's modular architecture allows InfoTelesys to separate the detachable modules into six individual super high capacity IT Sats (InfoTelesys Satellites). Each of these separated modules can then be distributed around the globe, to establish a network for effective worldwide communications access.

Get IT Ed - Classrooms in Space
InfoTelesys is considering converting one of the Mir modules into a space and earth sciences educational MEO IT Sat™.  Get IT Ed, the InfoTelesys division responsible for establishing next generation education technologies would make the satellite available to schools and universities around the world for collaborative communications and education.  A likely topic on the Get IT Ed IT Sat™ would be a special program featuring the new International Space Station (ISS), while much of the existing equipment on Mir can be used by students for environmental studies.

InfoTelesys' Plan for Peace/Mir Around The World
The InfoTelesys IT Sat™ armada is a high speed network of globally distributed space centers, that establish a complete, worldwide communications  platform. Mir would form the distributed center of this IT-I2™ network.


Global coverage can only be achieved through satellites, InfoTelesys' plan distributes the Mir modules around the world:
The State of Peace, The State of Mir
Imagine having the opportunity to develop your own media or business enterprise in an outer space environment. Like Captain Kirk of Star Trek's "Starship Enterprise," this new technology will allow you to virtually command your own enterprise from anywhere on or off earth.  So many new applications and capabilities will be made available by InfoTelesys' technology...

Of course, InfoTelesys will complete the construction of IT-I2™ with or without Space Station Mir.  Mir, however, represents a solid platform and a noble cause that has a meaning which, in many ways, parallels InfoTelesys' mission: "To make the world a better place, showing respect for all creation, while operating with complete integrity, for it is in God we trust."

Learn more about Mir and InfoTelesys' Peace Plan.


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