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Save Mir, Save Peace

Russia's State Duma Issues Proclamation To Keep Mir Alive - Duma to present InfoTelesys proposal to President Putin on Friday.

Senior Russian Central Aerodynamic Institute (CAGI) Engineer calculates that a safe de-orbiting of Mir is "Impossible"

"Mir" = Russian for "Peace"

InfoTelesys' Mir/Peace Around the World

Combining $3 billion dollars and 15 years of technological innovation, the Russian Space Station "Mir" - Russian for "Peace" - is a not only a historical treasure, IT is now a brilliant InfoTelesys investment opportunity.  However, InfoTelesys has only 8 days to raise at least $100 million dollars to save Mir!

Many attempts have been made to rescue Mir, however, none were practical up till now.  It is hard to justify shooting people into space to float around in a capsule for a few days.  Mir's days as a manned Space Station are over.

InfoTelesys Mir/Peace Around the World Plan, can use space station Mir's modules in our next generation internet architecture.  InfoTelesys' non-manned application would convert each of Mir's six modules into independent GEO IT Sat™ data and communications centers to integrate with the rest of InfoTelesys IT-I2™ and Get IT Rostelesat-M network.

Russian Government Supports InfoTelesys Mir Around The World Plan

The State of Peace

InfoTelesys will give the public an unprecedented opportunity on this Wednesday, March 15, 2001 to enter an auction to purchase shares in InfoTelesys, Inc. ITself!

InfoTelesys will run our Initial Web Public Offering (IWPO) from the website on our new IT-AT™, InfoTelesys Automated Trading system.  Watch for the "IT-AT™ Home" button on the side menu bar, and enter your opportunity to own not only a part of the world's most advanced technology Company, but a part of world history!         

Learn more about Mir and InfoTelesys' Peace Plan.

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Russian Government Support Russian Engineer calculates that a safe de-orbiting of Mir is "Impossible"
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