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Most startups try to hire their management team before going public.  Is this smart strategy?  Why not take your idea and strategy public first, then you will be exposed to the maximum applicants, and considerably increase your ability to build the best possible team." -CLive

InfoTelesys, introducing yet another revolutionary concept in hiring and acquiring the top team: Open Free-Market Management Enrolment.

This revolutionary concept suggests that it is unwise for a startup to hire management teams before going to market.  Why? The answer is simple.  When you are an undisclosed startup you do not have access or exposure to the largest talent pool.  By hiring and establishing key positions before obtaining market recognition, a company limits their opportunity to put the very best person in a position.

InfoTelesys’ Open Job Offer - IT Has the Tools, IT Has the Technology
Having emerged from an incredibly successful strategy, planning and prototype phase InfoTelesys now moves from strategy to deployment.  InfoTelesys has a carefully identified functions and operational management positions to support successful deployment.  The Job @ IT section posts open requisitions and applicants submit their resumes to while yet another competitive weapon of InfoTelesys, the Hunting Indexing and Recruiting Engine of InfoTelesys (HIRE-IT) automatically farms the web for resumes.

InfoTelesys' HIRE-IT is the most advanced head hunting robot on the web, capable of automatically spanning the entire web in search of specific prioritized skill sets.  HIRE-IT automatically categorized resumes, and forwards them to the teams within InfoTelesys seeking additional assistance.

In addition to HIRE-IT, InfoTelesys owns a database of more than ten thousand top technology personnel, while the founder and other key team members have specifically identified highly competent individuals throughout their careers with the top technology companies that InfoTelesys is now approaching after going public.  See the founders background.

While HIRE-IT hunts down top talent, InfoTelesys carefully planned corporate and organizational structure acts as a huge magnet for knowledge workers.  In particular, InfoTelesys unique GOS and BOS options plans set the state of the art in personnel rewards and motivation systems.

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