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Get the Inside Scoop @ InfoTelesys 
1st press conference Friday March 16, 2001 – 
Fairmont Hotel - San Jose, California 2:00 p.m. -

InfoTelesys has the Model
the Strategy, the Technology
the Product, and the Ability to deliver.

IT-AT™ Trading has Begun!
Buy IT!
Invest In The Next Internet™

InfoTelesys has the technology, the frequency spectrum, the hardware, and the network designs to radically advance how people obtain and utilize world-wide media and communications services.

The InfoTelesys IT-I2network delivers over 2000 to 15,000 TIMES the performance of the fastest Internet modems, and is some 100 to 500 TIMES faster than DSL! 

InfoTelesys delivers the first true on-demand DVD and HDTV Quality media anywhere in the world.

"The bottom line is that those who claim to deliver quality on-demand video over regular Internet, need their pixels read." - CLive

The Media Channel 
For This Millennium™

InfoTelesys Has 5 Days To Save Mir
For our Non-Manned Application!

The Peace Threat - Respected Mir Engineer Calculates Save Mir De-Orbit "Impossible"
Debris To Spread Over 5,000km!


Please Excuse the Load on Our Server - We have a 100 Mbits Connection & it is overloaded with interest - be patient as we grow. For now we have to do with old-fashioned Internet

InfoTelesys' massively scalar architecture delivers the benefits of advanced distributed global communications, making it possible for TRUE on-demand DVD and HDTV Quality media to reach homes and businesses all around the world.  These technological advances are about to narrow the "digital divide" and revolutionize communications and media. more.

Can InfoTelesys do IT?

InfoTelesys Firsts:

  • 2,000 to 15,000 TIMES Faster!
  • On-Demand DVD & HDTV Quality
  • IT-I2™ the Do-It-Yourself Internet
    For the People, By the People
  • WPO - Web Public Offering
    a Global Offering...
  • IT-AT™ The OPEN Fair Market
    InfoTelesys Automated Trading System
  • InfoTelesys' BOS & GOS Plan
  • Borderless Financials - 
InfoTelesys has the only way to deliver REAL DVD quality at 6Mbps to 12 Mbps and HDTV at 24 Mbps on-demand media - do not be deceived, get the facts - comparable On-Demand DVD Quality Media would require 6 to 15 DSL connections added together!  HDTV requires 24 to 70 DSL connections.

InfoTelesys The Next Internet, and much more.  InfoTelesys represents a whole new way of doing business, a whole new economy, a revolutionary step into the future.  InfoTelesys is The Final Revolution™, This is IT™.  Infotelevize your world today!


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