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InfoTelesys, Inc. Executive Summary

Company Focus:
The Next Internet™. Global Wideband Wireless + Vertical Solution Delivery Channels. InfoTelesys is building the Infrastructure & Channel for simplified On-Demand Interactive DVD & HDTV quality Rich-Media, tightly integrated with our next generation Internet & telecommunications systems.

Interactive communication represents a significantly larger market than broadcast communication (Telecommunication companies make three times more money than Television companies). However, even in advanced societies, the TV is more successful than Internet by a ratio of 8:1 (4hrs TV vs. ½ hr Internet use per day). Internet is enormously successful, however, computers are generally too complex to configure and operate for the great majority of consumers. Even programming a VCR clock falls into this category. InfoTelesys combines the Internet with interactive on-demand DVD & HDTV Rich-Media and Telecommunications, with new, exceptionally simple to use, super-high performance technology and a network to support the massive bandwidth and I/O requirements. InfoTelesys' overall mission is to use our technology to make the world a better place.

Skill sets required for InfoTelesys technology: Plug In -Turn On - Point - Click - Watch & Interact.

What We Are Building:
Next generation, ultra-high-speed global Internet Network called IT-I2™, coupled with easy-to-use consumer devices that integrate the TV, Computer, Video Camera, VCR, DVD, HDTV, Radio, CD, and Telephone.

200 Mbps and 1,000 Mbps access speed directly in the home or business.

How We Are Building IT:
By integrating successful massively scalar computer systems architecture, coupled with successful satellite systems, wired and wireless technologies.

 The Media Channel for This Millennium™
 The period out of dot com™
 We are the Last Mile™
 This is IT™

What We Do Best:
Infrastructure for true on-demand rich-media (DVD, HDTV, Internet Movies, Music etc). One-to-many communication to any location worldwide.

Market Focus:
Building the Channel: Horizontal Technology coupled with B-B & B-C verticals in the Home Entertainment / Internet; Business Communications; Education; Finance; Travel; Real Estate; Resort; and Government markets in a modular step-by-step basis.

Market Opportunity:
Multi Billion reaching into Trillion Dollar Market. InfoTelesys has clearly identified and calculated revenue streams and profit potential.

Technology - Systems Design:
Architecture and Network capable of delivering on-demand DVD & HDTV quality media anywhere.

Technology - IT Server™ & IT Set™:
Business, Home and Community Appliances for delivering next generation media.

Technology - Wireless:
DTAC™: Electronically Steerable Phased Array Antennas and Next generation Transponders. Provides Satellite independence and associated limitation of risks.


InfoTelesys' Management Team has already successfully implemented the various elements that make up InfoTelesys' technology and solutions:

Founder, Chairman & CEO: Clive Boustred:
Nearly two decades at the forefront of computer, telecommunications and Internet markets.
» Architect of first successful massively scalar distributed system supporting over 10,000,000 users;
» Senior Technical Strategist; Chairman Frameworks Ambassadors (Software Development); Steering Committee Network Ambassadors:
- Sun Microsystems;
» Director of Technical Strategy:
   - Teknekron Software Systems (now TIBCO);
» Director of PC & Open Systems
- GE Consulting Services;
» Consulting Chief Technical Strategist:
-  Bell Canada, Motorola, StorageTek & other top technology companies.

Chief Operating Office Asia Pacific and International Ambassador Michael Novak
Co-Founder, Executive Vice president
  ­ Ross Systems
» Asia Pacific Vice President
  ­ Sterling Software
» Chief Operating Officer
  ­ International Language Engineering
» President
  ­ Clarke Consulting Group
» Director
  ­ Walker Interactive
» Board member
  ­ Equal Access
» Senior Fellow
  ­ Japan Management Association and Advisor - Japan Management Consulting Association

Vice President - Product Marketing / Business Development: Joseph Wei:

» Director, Linux Server and Cluster Group
- SGI;
» Director of Product Management
- NEC Computer Systems;
» Marketing Group Leader
  - Digital Equipment Corp. (Compaq Computers).

Director: Richard A Boustred:
» Managing Director & Deputy Chairman: Scaw Metals Ltd.
» Director: Anglo American Industrial Corporation
» Chairman of N F Die Manufacturers
» Chairman Al Automobile Castings
» Chairman Kolbenco ( Ex Karl Smidt of Germany )
» Director Haggie Ltd
» Director Flather Bright Steels (Pty),Ltd.

Data Center Team:
Design & Management experience in the following data Centers:
Sun Microsystems, Xerox, The Weather Channel, USSB, DirecTV, Intuit, Nike, 20th Century Fox, Time Warner, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Chrysler, Consolidated National Freight, Fannie Mae, GE Capital, Instinet, Martin County Florida, Sara Lee, Sony Pictures, Standard & Poor’s, Time Incorporated, Warner Brothers:
CO-Chief Information Officer: Harris Kern:
» MIS Director;
  - Sun Microsystems;
» Manager Computer Systems
  - Fujitsu;
CO-Chief Information Officer: Howie Lyke:
Data Center Manager
  - Sun Microsystems;
» Principal
  - Change Technology Partners;
» President & COO
  - Bluewater Information Convergence;
» VP, Delivery
  - R&H Associates;
Vice President Information Technology: Ken Lee:
» Principal
  - Change Technology Partners, Inc
  - Bluewater Information Convergence;
» Founder
  - Bluewater Technology
» Senior Software Engineer
  - 3 M Company.

- Sun Microsystems. In negotiations with other major partners.

Competitive Advantages:
Substantially faster, lower cost, faster time-to-market, and more advanced technology that competitors will find extremely difficult to develop. InfoTelesys' team has already successfully built and deployed the different elements that make up IT-I2™.
InfoTelesys is the only Company building a network capable of supporting the huge bandwidth AND I/O rate necessary for global delivery of next generation rich-media. Significantly lower and scalable capital requirements.

Marketing & Trademarks:
InfoTelesys™, Infotelevize™, IT-I2™, This is IT™, The Next Internet™, The New Gold Standard™, The Sky Is Not The Limit™, The Media Channel for This Millennium™, In Your Time Not Their Time™, The period out of dot com™, InfoTelesys, The Last Mile™, We are the Last Mile™, D.Y.I. Internet™, IT Set™, IT Server™, IT Phone™, IT Cam™, DTAC™, ITISP™, IT EHSL™, IT Line™, IT Cable™, IT Extender™, IT Hub™, IT Net™, MVLS™, The New Way To Real Estate™, The Final Revolution™.

Over 150 Domains including:,,,,,,,,,,,,, etc.

General Information:  Contact: Staff @ InfoTelesys
Investors:  Contact: Staff @ InfoTelesys
- Private Placement Memorandum Available for Qualified Investors 
Partners:  Contact: Joseph Wei

Telephone Silicon Valley office U.S.A.: +1 (831) 476-4300

U.S., European and Canadian locations

Copyright © 2001 InfoTelesys, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL

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