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PRESS RELEASE: InfoTelesys, with the world’s fastest global Internet @ 200 Mbps & 1 Gbps, builds strong management team and releases Company Prospectus.

Global Internet: Tuesday, September 4, 2001.  InfoTelesys, the Company building the next generation IT-I2 network capable of delivering content at 200 Mbps and 1 Gbps, sets the stage for moving ahead.  Having secured a powerful and experienced Management Team, the Company is preparing its' products for commercial deployment to every corner of the globe and has released the Company's Prospectus for qualified investors.  InfoTelesys' investment opportunities are split into horizontal and vertical Get IT Companies in the Entertainment, Telecommunications, Internet, Real Estate, Educational, Hotel and Travel, Legal, Medical, Financial and Banking fields.

InfoTelesys claims to be the only company building a network capable of delivering global interactive on-demand DVD and HDTV quality content for next generation Internet.  InfoTelesys' network connections are up to one thousand times faster than the best of competing broadband DSL, Cable and Satellite options. 

IT-I2 does not depend on telephone lines to deliver content, effectively solving "the last mile" problem that plagues other broadband options.  IT-I2 connections reach directly into every neighborhood around the world, opening the opportunity for explosive global expansion of the Company.  InfoTelesys expects to start offering IT-I2 service in 2002.


With more than two hundred years of combined experience at the forefront of the industry, InfoTelesys' Executive Team represents a dynamic force capable of delivering the Company's advanced technology and services.  The team lists amongst its’ members former CIO's of Motorola, Swiss Bank North America and Goldman Sachs; former Partners of Andersen and KPMG; COO of SHL Systemhouse; VP & Director of Services International Strategic Planning and Business Development for AT&T Communications Services Group UK; EVP CSC Consulting Group and Division President of Computer Sciences Corporation;  Director Technical Strategy for Teknekron Software Systems and Senior Technical Strategist & Chairman of Frameworks Ambassadors for Sun Microsystems; Director of NEC’s and SGI's Server Group.  The team includes some of the industry's most experienced satellite production and operations teams, along with Sun Microsystems' former MIS Director and the team that built Sun Microsystems' data center and many of the top data centers in the industry.

Simply put, InfoTelesys’ Team has already done IT in their various fields.  The Company is exceptionally well positioned to deliver IT-I2, The Next Internet.  InfoTelesys has taken the liberty of reserving the trademark "This is IT" and "The Final Revolution".

The companies website at contains limited information.

Press and Analysts Contact: Joseph Wei, Vice President - Product Marketing & Business Development:   (831) 476-4300

Investors Contact: Staff @ InfoTelesys  (831) 476-4300

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