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InfoTelesys Completing The Strategy  

Apart from technology, what differentiates InfoTelesys is the Companies comprehensive and innovative focus on Corporate, Business, Marketing, Financial, Worker, Consumer and Competitive Architecture.   InfoTelesys is carefully and strategically architected from the ground up.

InfoTelesys considerably raises the standards in key areas:

Technology:  By integrating massively scalar systems technologies with the most advanced computer, media, satellite, telecommunications and Internet technologies, InfoTelesys sets a new standard and enables multiple new industries.

Corporate: International Business Corporation architected for neutral global operations and minimization of tax liability.

Business: Scalable deployment strategy based on capital availability with clear identification of revenue streams and broad reaching opportunity that allows the Company to pick the best path.

Marketing: The innovative ITISP™ Franchise (InfoTelesys Service Provider) architecture take the successful marketing strategies of companies like Microsoft a step further, directly into the community and neighborhood without the traditional overhead of multi-level-marketing or the limitations of traditional franchise systems.  InfoTelesys keen focus on marketing is evident in some of the Companies trademark registrations and significant domain name coverage.

Financial: InfoTelesys future financial systems infrastructure promises incredible opportunity enabled by the channel the Company is creating.

Worker: The ground breaking BOS / GOS motivational and reward system (Base Option Stake / General Option Stake) that integrates and effectively manages widely distributed work forces sets a new industry standard that helps ensure the Companies ongoing innovation and success.

Consumer: By recognizing consumer expectations and what consumers are prepared to do verses capable of doing, InfoTelesys will set new standards in terms of ease of use.  InfoTelesys’ Plug-in, Point-Click, Watch & Interact employs the best of TV and Internet and eliminates the worst of computers and Internet to create and environment consumers will quickly adapt to.  The on-demand DVD & HDTV quality media enabled by IT-I2™ promises to set a new way of life for the consumer.

Competitive: InfoTelesys is employing pricing and costing strategies from mature industries such as the steel and automotive industries, where products and services costs are accurately scrutinized and minimized and where pricing is based on a cost plus basis.  Few competitors in the advanced technology markets employ such strategies.  Competition originating from the Dot Com and Internet markets still have to figure out how to turn a profit.  Competitors originating from telecommunications markets are more familiar with regulation that forces inefficiencies rather than cost efficiency.  Most of the competitors originating from the satellite markets are more familiar with government grants than operating business for profit.  All of the incumbent competitors face serious channel conflict such as charging 5c for a voice call that takes less than 8 kbps (equates to $38 per minuet for a 6 Mbps DVD session), or charging $3.99 for playing one movie to two thousand recipients (equates to $7,980.00 cost to view it on-demand).  One of the most competitive elements of InfoTelesys is the Companies perspective of the world as one place, where technologies, components, products and services are sourced from the most cost effective location.

InfoTelesys employs a scalar growth model that allows the company to select optimal business lines in accordance with capital and sales growth.


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