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Product C-Law

By Clive Boustred, Founder & Chairman
Well over a decade of advanced product design and experience with most of the successful advanced technology companies, including Sun, Apple, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Netscape, Bell, GTE, DoD, StorageTek, Teknekron, Network General, Intuit, etc., has enabled the Founder to develop proven product design and implementation principles. The Product C-Law, or Product Success Pyramid reflects this wisdom:
"A Product's Success Is Directly Proportional to Its Ease of Use, Functionality, Cost & Marketing & Sales Efforts Divided by Market Forces"
Background and use within InfoTelesys

The Product C-Law design philosophy will be embedded within InfoTelesys, while the advanced technology lecture series developed by the Founder will be utilized internally to its fullest, to ensure the success of InfoTelesys product development & integration.

In addition to fundamental product design strategy & principles, the Founders' experience as one of Silicon Valleys foremost Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) experts will be exploited to the fullest to ensure that InfoTelesys' software engineering and integration utilizes state of the art products and techniques, to produce the most cost effective product.

A key element to the InfoTelesys infrastructure design will be the well-founded Object Oriented design principle of "separation of interface from implementation". Key factors and knowledge in these domains will enable InfoTelesys to outsmart the largest competitor, even after going public with this revolutionary strategy.

One must recognize another important element of the InfoTelesys strategy, that of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). While the overall InfoTelesys design and strategy could hardly be called simple, the steps getting there are. The InfoTelesys Strategy starts with simple steps and builds on these simple steps to reach the ultimate goal of the advanced integrated InfoTelesys media engine.


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