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The Motivation C-Law

By Clive Boustred, Founder & Chairman

"The more advanced a work domain,
the greater the need to tend towards the Y management style
in order to foster motivation"

This law, developed by InfoTelesys' Founder, extrapolates on the common X-Y and Z Management & Motivational philosophies accredited to Douglas McGregor and William Ouchi, and also attributed to Hertzburg. The X style of Management believes employees are basically unmotivated and must be overseen in each and every task to ensure completion of the task. The Y style of Management believes employees are totally motivated and simply need to be pointed in the right direction and the task will be efficiently completed. The Z style Management is a combination of the X & Y styles.

The Motivation C-Law overlays a Motivational Management Line which skews the management style according to the level of expertise necessary to complete the task. Advanced tasks that require highly knowledgeable workers, require Y based management style. Where the task does not demand knowledge driven workers, the X.
based management style may be necessary to ensure that the task is properly completed.


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