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InfoTelesys Practice

While InfoTelesys is providing extraordinary innovation in the Internet, Communications and Media Markets, InfoTelesys brings a significant innovation in the Management, Motivation and Distributed Workforce fields.

"We have entered the Millennium of the Mind, any company that does not recognize the critical dependence on intellectual contribution, and reward intellectual property contributors accordingly, will not survive." - CLive

Theories of practice implemented in Silicon Valley by the Founder for more than a decade, have been coupled with new innovations developed by the Founder in the science and art of optimizing technology companies performance, and rewarding those that make up this technologically driven world.  These highly successful practices and theories are collectively labeled the "C-Laws".


Business C-Law Product C-Law
The BOS Motivation Plan Motivation C-Law
Technology C-Law Project Management C-Law
© 1984 - 2001 Clive Boustred
Permission is granted by the author Clive Boustred to reproduce and teach these C-Laws without any royalty other than whenever used, credit must be given to the author with reference to the site.

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