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US Equivalents of Foreign Corporate Positions (Political and government positions as listed are similar to US equivalents):
Chairman = Chairman
Managing Director = CEO
Director = Vice President

Father, Richard Alexander Boustred

  • Managing Director & Deputy Chairman Scaw Metals Ltd.
  • Director Anglo American Industrial Corporation
  • Chairman of N F Die Manufacturers
  • Chairman Al Automobile Castings
  • Chairman Kolbenco ( Ex Karl Smidt of Germany )
  • Director Haggie Ltd
  • Director Flather Bright Steels (Pty),Ltd.

6200 employees

1995 revenue R1,1 billion, earnings R123 million.

Leading international supplier of locomotive, passenger and freight car components and cast steel railway wheels.

SCAW's Four divisions:

Foundry Division:
The Company's Production Facilities include two coal-based direct reduction plants, a melt shop comprising a 70 tone UHP EBT arc furnace; ladle furnace; four-strand continuous casting machine combination, six steel and iron foundries, three rolling mills, grinding media production plants, and three machine shops with associated fabrication facilities.

Rolling Mills Division:
Three rolling mills producing mild and high-tensile reinforcing steels, nut, bolt and rivet steels, spring steels, free-cutting steels and low alloy and general engineering quality steels.
Grinding Media Division:
Forged, cast steel and high chromium high carbon cast iron media.
Machining and Fabrication Division:
This Division comprises three machine shops, which machine components up to seven meters in diameter and 50 tones in weight.
Scaw's principal subsidiary companies are Flather Bright Steels (Proprietary) Limited, a supplier of bright drawn bar, and Rand Scrap Iron and Metal Company (Proprietary) Limited, which process and market steel scrap; while Scaw owns an equal partnership with a Belgian associate, Magotteaux International S.A., and a foundry operation in Chile named Proacer Ltda.
151 082 employees 1998 Market capitalization R54,5 billion (US$11,0 billion) 1997 Revenue R27.9 billion ($6B) earnings of R5 billion (US$1 billion). One of the world's foremost mining and industrial enterprises. Exports products from South Africa to more than 75 countries.

Some well know subsidiaries:

  • De Beers, the Worlds leading diamond company.
  • Amcoal, one of the largest private sector producers of coal in the world.
  • Amplats, the global leader in the production of primary platinum group metals.
  • Anglogold, a leading gold mining company.
  • FirstRand, one of South Africa's major financial services groups, with interests in banking, insurance and asset management.
  • Minorco, a leading international natural resources company.
  • AMIC, a major diversified industrial group, with a growing export business.

AMIC Consists of Twelve operating subsidiaries and eleven principal associates and long-term investments, covering the following industrial sectors:

  • Iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminium and engineering
  • Commercial explosives and chemicals
  • Mining and construction equipment, tools and contracting services
  • Pulp, paper, board, forestry, and timber products
  • Sugar and food
  • Electronics and electrical engineering
  • Freight and travel
  • Motor vehicle assembly, components, and distribution
  • Furniture, appliance and clothing retailing; and
  • Building and construction
AMIC has joint ventures with partners such as ABB, Alcatel, Bechtel, CPC, Daewoo, Ford, ICI, Komatsu, Mitsubishi, Norsk and Svenska Cellulosa. While AMIC maintains manufacturing facilities in Africa, North America, Central and South America, in Europe, and in India, Australia and South East Asia.

HAGGIE Ltd Haggie is one of the leading steel wire rope manufacturers in the world, contributing to South Africa's leading position in deep level gold mining.
FLATHER BRIGHT STEELS ( PTY ),LTD. Supplier of bright drawn bar.
AL AUTOMOBILE CASTINGS Manufactures wheels pistons & pistons rings primarily for BMW Germany.
N F DIE MANUFACTURERS Manufactures dies.
KOLBENCO ( Ex Karl Smidt of Germany ) Manufactures piston assemblies.

Grandfather, William F. Boustred

  • Chairman United Building Society / Barclays Bank RSA
    In it's time, one of the largest financial institutions in South Africa
  • Director Barlows Ltd. (Reverse takeover from Barlows, see below)
  • President Royal Agricultural Society


Great Grandfather, William R. Boustred

  • Mayor of Johannesburg
  • Owner Mining Insurance Company
  • Founder, Owner W. R. Boustred & Co 1890, Johannesburg
W.R. Boustred Ltd.

The company supplied Johannesburg's booming construction industry with products from local sources, Europe & the U.S.A. The company employed fully trained technical staff who were always available for advice on matters, ranging from the changing of a tap washer to the calculation of master-keying systems, to the design of catering facilities to feed a thousand people. A fully equipped Service Department offered maintenance and service facilities on any equipment purchased from the firm. A reverse takeover in 1941 of W.R. Boustreds Ltd. by Barlows, formed South Africa's second largest industrial company after Anglo American.


Great Grand Father (Mothers Side) 
   Sir Thomas Cullinan

  • Owner Premier Mine & the Cullinan Diamond, the largest diamond ever found and now the primary stones in England's Crown & Scepter
  • Created a Knight Bachelor (England)
  • Awarded the D.S.O · M.P. for Pretoria District North
  • Member of Transvaal Legislative Assembly
  • Chairman, Commerce & Industries Commission
  • President Transvaal Manufacturers Association
  • Vice President Witwatersrand Agricultural Society
  • Hon. Colonel, Transvaal Horse Artillery
  • Vice-President, Transvaal Responsible Government Association.
  • Founder Member S.A. Association for the Advancement of Science



Uncle, William Graham Boustred

  • Deputy Chairman Anglo American Corporation
  • Chairman Del Monte Royal Holdings Ltd.
  • Director Anglo American Industrial Corporation,
  • Director Anglo American Coal Corporation
  • Director Mondi Paper Co Ltd.


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