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Company Profile

InfoTelesys has already built IT-I2™ prototypes that have been benchmarked in its Silicon Valley offices for more than 18 months and is preparing the company for general launch.  The Executive Summary provides a brief overview of the company.

InfoTelesys is established as a global International Business Corporation.  Offices will be opened in all countries.  InfoTelesys' technology is not restrained by location; we will be operating directly in your neighborhood.

InfoTelesys' Management Team has already successfully built and deployed the different elements that make up IT-I2™.

InfoTelesys Firsts:

InfoTelesys Business Mission

To create "The Media Channel for This Millennium™".  Deploying InfoTelesys' IT-I2™ network capable of delivering both the bandwidth and the I/O to support global on-demand DVD and HDTV quality interactive Rich-Media and The Next Internet™.  To leverage the IT-I2™ channel with vertical services companies called Get IT Companies.


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